Redefining expectations

As the world’s smallest 32-Bit/384kHz portable DAC, Spectra delivers unparalleled high-quality sound on-the-go. With its ESS 9018Q2C DAC chip, Spectra is better able to reproduce your favorite artists’ recordings more faithfully. And by being able to drive even most the demanding high-end headphones, it’ll allow you to experience your music as though you were listening to it live. 

Simply plug Spectra into your device. Plug in your headphones. Then enjoy a sound that will redefine your expectations about what’s possible for everyday music experiences.



Light Waight

Light Waight

Industry Leading
384KHz / 32bit
Sample Rate

World Smallest
DAC Amplifier



What is High-resolution Audio?

Compressed audio formats like MP3 made a portable revolution possible, but audio resolution was compromised for convenience. Supplanting the superior standard CD format, compressed audio formats sacrifice the detailed dynamics of songs to reduce data usage on devices.

High-resolution audio tells the full story of your songs, by retaining the rich texture and nuances of artists’ original recordings. And so Spectra produces the full range of sounds from original master recordings that are even superior to CD format — all the way up to 32-Bit/384kHz resolution.